Choose and buy Industrial bar code scanner, stable use is more critical

Tue Jun 14 15:56:44 CST 2022

The requirements of industrial bar code scanners are relatively high, and generally all day scanning work, so we must pay special attention to the effect of its use. And now the performance of the scanner is different, there will be some differences in practicality. So when choosing equipment, we must pay attention to its stability.

 In the process of reading bar code in industrial production, the traditional manual input method has the disadvantages of low efficiency and low accuracy. It has been unable to meet the needs of large-scale automated production, so we need more specialized and automated one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode reading equipment, which is not industrial barcode scanner!

The use of industrial barcode scanner can be used to solve the problem of factory production line code detection, and through reading the status of the barcode on the goods, control the start and stop of the production line, to realize the automation of industrial production, so that the whole industrial production line reduces a lot of labor, but also reduces the error of the production line, greatly improves the accuracy of work.

Since it is necessary to purchase a suitable scanner, we must pay special attention to the equipment brand. The product quality of regular brands is guaranteed, and the system is more stable. Xiaobian recommends the following industrial barcode scanner for you!

Scanlogic Mo1708 is a high performance industrial fixed bar code scanner. The product adopts a new generation of industrial algorithm, which can recognize all kinds of mainstream one-dimensional bar codes and standard two-dimensional bar codes, and provides rich product features, such as high-resolution image acquisition, isolated I / O trigger, rich signal indication design, fast upper computer function configuration, etc. It adopts compact, miniaturized and firm structure design, which can be quickly integrated into complex industrial sites. The self-learning function developed for complex scenes can automatically detect and recognize the single code displayed to it, automatically adjust the image parameters, and quickly realize the optimal configuration.